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Humbled: Letters From Prison - Paperback

Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams' charisma, generosity and high-energy hustle made him one of America's most popular pro athletes during the 90s, and eventually landed him a remarkable $86 million contract with the New Jersey Nets. Referred to as "The People's Player," Jayson's magnetic appeal and tenacity on the boards made him a fierce, yet beloved competitor who spent his time off court flying planes, building houses, and tending to the chores on the farm with his father. His easy charm and sidesplitting one-liners consistently landed him on NBA sportswriters' All-Interview team and made him an audience favorite on the media circuits. But few knew the depths of pain, tragedy and addiction masked by a smile his grandmother called his "most beautiful attire." Lying on his bunk amongst "the most confrontational bunch of misfits," Jayson recalls his rapid climb and mighty fall, and his father's wise words: "A lifetime of happiness as you know it, Jayson, no man alive could bear it. It would be hell on earth. You have to stick to your morning routine." From the New York Times bestselling author of Loose Balls, Humbled is a powerful and candid collection of Jayson's personal letters and journals from behind bars. Shocking revelations, surprising connections, shameful secrets, and scars that only God can heal-Jayson holds nothing back as he writes about his journey to faith on both sides of the barbed-wire fences.

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