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Soul On Fire - Hardcover 1978

How could Eldridge Cleaver, with his background-militant, violent, criminal expect the public to believe that he is now a Christian? Soul on Fire answers the questions that have confronted the public mind ever since this ex-Black Panther returned to America to face trial. In Soul on Fire, Eldridge Cleaver tells of his childhood and young adulthood; the years which shaped him into the man he was to become. Here is the tumult and violence of the 60's-from the viewpoint of one of that decade's most notorious outlaws; a viewpoint that will surprise some and outrage others.

Here is Eldridge Cleaver's personal account of his cloak-and-dagger escape into exile; a flight toward the "workers' paradises" of communism-the doctrine that he came to espouse as the answer for America's problems. Soul on Fire is a chronicle of high hopes and noble aspirations-and the shattering disillusionment which resulted from the unique close-up look into the governments of North Korea, North Vietnam, China, Russia, Cuba, and the Third World which Eldridge, as revolutionary, was afforded. Soul on Fire reveals the marvelous paradox that became Eldridge Cleaver's life, once he found the answer he had-unaware-been looking for all along. For here is his account of being a free man in Paris, yet miserable to the point of near-suicide; and returning to a jail cell in California, yet being happy to the point of tears. Soul on Fire is a story for the times, for it includes the drama of so much of recent history-the hopes, the dreams, the political and spiritual seeking that have occupied young and old alike. Has Eldridge Cleaver really experienced something that offers an answer to his-and a generation's-seeking? In Soul on Fire, you'll find the answers-from the man himself.

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