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Pattern-Master, Octavia E. Butler - 1976

They Are Masters of the Mind.....And Slaves to Ambition

Coransee was the most powerful , the most brutal of the housemasters. And when he learned that the apprentice Teray was his full brother- and son of the Patternmaster Rayal he used his psychic powers to try to break him ....to eliminate Teray as a possible rival for his role as the next Pattern-master.

But Teray found his own inner strength and refused to bend to his brothers will. Escaping into Clayark infested countryside , he is joined in intimate mind link with Amber , the mysterious woman who possesses a tremendous power to heal...or kill. 

With Coransee and his men in pursuit, Teray seeks the aid of his dying father, but the Patternmaster refuses to play favorites. Years ago, he'd had to kill two brothers and a sister to gain the throne.  Now, he will let his sons battle each other for the right to control the Pattern. .

Acceptable condition, peeling, page discoloration, binding peeling and tattered

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