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Ida In Her Own Words: The Timeless Writings of Ida B Wells from 1893

African Americans were deliberately and systematically eliminated from participating in the preparation and exhibition of the Columbian Exposition (World's Fair) of 1893. The fact that an entire group of people who had been free citizens for almost thirty years, and who had made important contributions to the development of the nation were not given representation at such a significant international forum, provoked a protest. A small group of four people contributed to a pamphlet entitled The Reason Why the Colored American is not in the Worlds Columbian Exposition. Thousands of pamphlets were distributed. Class Legislation, attributed to Ida B. Wells, and Lynch Law, written by Ida B. Wells, were two sections included in the pamphlet. The pieces give a glimpse for today's readers to understand the cruelty and hypocrisy of the country at that time. Ida B. Wells' grandson, Troy Duster, and great-granddaughter, Michelle Duster, add historical perspective and insight into how much things have changed or not when it comes to the African American experience in the United States of America.

Signed by Michelle Duster


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