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Its Hard To Fight Naked - Hardcover

This fun, accessible, and enlightening guide to love and relationships offers a whole new perspective on finding—and keeping—Mr. Right.

Niecy Nash wants you to find love. She invites you to think differently about traditional norms and matters of the heart. She wants you to get the very thing we are created for—great relationships! But you have to want it too. None of this “there are no good men left” nonsense. With an attitude like that, you might as well keep your butt at home because you already believe unhappiness is yours to claim. The universe will send you somebody amazing, but why would it ever send the best for you when you’re not at your best? Time for a tall glass of “act right”!

Before you start thinking, “Well, it’s easy for Niecy to dish out advice with her hilarious hit television shows and her hot, sexy husband,” just know that she’s been cheated on, divorced, brokenhearted, and laid up in bed, wailing and gnashing, surrounded by girlfriends telling her that those men didn’t deserve her. None of that was constructive! Each time, she had to be honest with herself before she could make the choice to find love again.

In this hilarious, heartfelt book of no-nonsense dating and relationship wisdom, Niecy tells it like it is. What she has to say might not always be popular with your girlfriends. Your perseverance will be tested. But in the end you will find out how to keep yourself happy and your man coming back for more! You’ll also understand your priorities, you’ll know where to look for love, you’ll learn how to keep your relationship thriving, how to fight fair with your partner, and best of all, how hard it is to fight at all if you're naked!

You attract what you are, so be what you want to see. Loving and caring for yourself will welcome a man who will do the same.

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