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My Life With Martin Luther King Jr. 1969 - Hardcover

There have been books by and about great men. And women. Through knowing them, we have understood better their moments in history- and perhaps life itself. This  book stands out because it gives us both a great man and the great woman who was  his wife. But even more significantly, theirs is that most urgent of all moments in history-today.

If we could separate the Kings-Martin, Coretta, and the children from their time and their impact on it, we would have a stirring story of familial love, faith, and courage under the most trying circumstances.  But it was their time that gave public expression to their humanity and courage and so made them heroes for all man-kind. 

This is their incredible story-begun for Martin Luther Jr., under the warm protection of Daddy King, Minister of Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, and for Coretta in the Alabama backroads where her father's saw mill was burned to the ground and the bus carrying white children to school sped by each morning covering her with dust as she walked. 

The thread from these beginnings to the assassin's bullet in Memphis is between the covers of this book woven through each member of the family, interwoven with those famous and unheralded who surrounded them and dyed to a thousand subtle hues by those issues that will make our era leap from the future books of history. In this book, which becomes celebration of their life together, Mrs. King not only keeps her promise to share her fulfillment with all of us, but leaves a challenging and singularly beautiful tapestry of our time, crated by masters of the art of human dignity. 

Excellent Condition! 

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