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Race and Resistance: African Americans in the 21st Century - Paperback

In Race and Resistance: African-Americans in the Twenty-First Century, leading African-American scholars and activists discuss the state of Black America today and the prospects for achieving full civil rights and equality.

This broad, inclusive anthology makes a vital contribution to our understanding of racism and how it can be overcome. Contributors include Abdul Akalimat on "e-black studies;" Dan Aldridge on spirituality and activism; Amiri Baraka on wisdom and cultural expression; Cathy Cohen on the continuing impact of AIDS in the African-American community; Ron Daniels on race and globalization; Angela Davis on the anti-enforcement violence movement; Joy James on black feminism; Johnita Scott on the history of the reparations movement in the U.S.; Charles Simmons on environmental justice; and Alice Tait on the media.

Herb Boyd is national editor of The Black World Today, a popular internet news publication. He is also the author of Autobiography of a People; Brotherman: The Odyssey of Black Men in America; Black Panthers for Beginners; and African History for Beginners. He teaches at the College of New Rochelle.

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