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The African Presence in Ancient America: They Came Before Columbus 1976 - Hardcover

Christopher Columbus is at dinner, intriguing with Don Juan, the King of Portugal who first tells him of a secret trade route that Africans have been traveling to the New World. The news is easily confirmed by Columbus-because on his second voyage to the Americas the natives described repeatedly to him the black men who traded with them and whose spears were tipped with gold. 

With this scene, Ivan Van Sertima opens his book and reveals to us a compelling, dramatic and superbly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Black Africans in Ancient America. 

With his considerable scholarship, Mr. Van Sertima examines the facts of navigation and shipbuilding, the sources of latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, the scores of cultural analogies found nowhere else except in America and Africa, African languages and the transportation of plants, cloth and animals from Africa to the Americas. And from the diaries, letters and journals of the explorers themselves: from Carbon-14 dated sculptures found in the Americas; from Arabic documents, charts, maps; from the recorded tales of the griots to the Kings of Mali; from dated skeletons found as recently as 1975, the author builds his pyramid of evidence.

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